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Protection Products

Yorkdale Toyota wants to help you maintain the value of your Toyota over time with a selection of comprehensive protection packages that cover the essential components of your vehicle. Let's keep that Toyota looking like new. It doesn't even need to be a Toyota. If you own a different make of vehicle, you can book an appointment to have protection products applied to a vehicle of any make. We also offer paint, fabric and leather protection.

If you shop around you will find that our protection products are priced very competitively. If you choose to apply rust protection, undercoating and/or a rust module to your brand new vehicle you will have the peace of mind of our in-house warranty coverage. No 1-800 numbers if you have a concern, just contact us. We also do not require annual inspections and our rust protection products are just a one time application or installation. No annual visits to get a vehicle resprayed or inspected. We aim to make maintaining your vehicle's integrity and appearance as hassle free as possible.


During your vehicle ownership, salt + humidity and dirt will adhere tot he undercarriage of your vehicle.  Undercoating helps prevent that and gives you the nice bonus of a quieter ride because it doubles as a sound deadener.

  • Protects against  salt, humidity and dirt
  • Seals any undercarriage cracks and crevices in your vehicle
  • Superior adhesion, preventing cracking or peeling
  • Absorbs road noise for a quieter ride

Rust Protection

Once rust occurs on your vehicle, it can be difficult to keep it from spreading and rapidly reducing both the resale value and integrity of your vehicle. It can be worsened by dirt and moisture that gets into the nooks and crannies of the vehicle's body. Our rust-prevention services are able to seal your car's metal surfaces and stop rust from the inside out. Our high-pressure spray will seal all of your inner body panels to prevent moisture and dirt from getting in.

  • Protects inner panels from rust or corrosion
  • High-pressure, capillary-action mist coats all inner-surface seams or cracks
  • Protects without harming any parts or wiring
  • Increases the longevity of your paint's clear coat
  • Resistant to rain, ice, snow, salt, and harsh detergents

Yorkdale Toyota's Protection Products

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